Luscious Chai

chai teaGinger… Cinnamon… Vanilla…Organic Sugar….Our sweet, spicy chai tea is a snap to mix and soooo delicious to sip.  Snuggle up with a hot cup of chai on a chilly day, or have your cabana boy bring you a tall glass of iced chai when things get steamy outside.

Our pretty tins of Luscious Chai make lovely, original gifts for teachers, bridemaids, and truckers. Well, maybe not truckers.

hot chai tea

Order your tins at We will contact you ASAP to confirm and arrange delivery or shipping. 

Dairy chai 8oz/ 6-7 serving tin- $8.25
Soy chai 8oz/ 6-7 serving tin- $8.25

Ask as about wholesale bulk pricing or batches of mini tins for party favors.



Miniature chai tins are perfect as
baby or bridal shower favors or
or as swag bags goodies. 


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