Bars, Cakes & Pies

We use fine ingredients like organic flour, sugar and eggs; high-quality chocolate; and seasonal fruits to create our gourmet baked goods and chai.

To order, simply contact us by email
We will reply ASAP to confirm your order.

Minimum total order:  $20. We accept cash and checks.

………..Currently we need 1 week lead time for the following…………

one dozen for $25

Tennessee Whiskey Pecan Pie Bars
Crunchy sweet pecans atop a gooey rich filling and buttery crust make this the most delicious pecan pie you’ve ever tasted, in an eat-it-with-you-fingers format.

Blackberry Crumble Squares
A majestic juicy blackberry filling over a classic shortbread crust topped with sweet streusel crumbles.

Buttered Oat Carmelitas
Homemade caramel, chocolate and pecans sandwiched between buttery oatmeal pastry. You know, oatmeal, so it’s, um, healthy.

Fudgy Sea-Salt Brownies
One customer called eating these a “near-religious experience.”  What else can we say? Add a scoop of ice cream and you’ll probably see Jesus.


Mini bundt (serves 3-4, minimum order of 3 cakes per flavor) $9 ea
Full-size bundt (serves 12-14) $30

Mahogany Cake
Sumptious dark chocolate cake with a mocha glaze

Dr. Pepper Cake
Don’t be fooled, this is a sophisticated made-from-scratch butter cake with a rich, complex glaze. A family recipe, available in Spice or Chocolate.


celebrate with a beautifully delectable Luscious cake
$37 (serves 12-16)

Classic Chocolate with Mocha Buttercream
your choice of tart cherry or mocha filling

Italian Cream Cake
buttery rich cake layers, chocolate ganache filling, and rich cream cheese icing

Coconut Cake with Pineapple Filling
Delicate white cake with cream cheese coconut frosting


luscious wedding cakeWEDDING CAKES
price varies

We would love to create a delicious and beautiful cake for your wedding, please email us at to schedule a tasting.


 (serves 8-12)

Sour Cream with Fresh Fruit, or Salted Caramel
Classic creamy cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust