ooh la la, blackberry-licious!

ooh la la, blackberry-licious!

Today is the day, amigos. Luscious Pastry proprietesses Jennifer and Anne-Charlotte will be introducing our fine treats for sale to the public this afternoon at the Violet Crown Supper Club, aka Joel and Joanna’s house. 

Today’s delicious offering is …. drumroll…. Blackberry Crumble Squares. We’re trying to think of a cooler sounding name for these, but everything we come up with is a little too long, like Once You Go Black(berry) You Never Go Back Bars, or  Hey Dell Employee, Put Down Your Stupid Blackberry And Come Eat Real Blackberries With A Crumbly Topping.

(No offense to Dell Employees and special apologies to Dave Erwin. Also, ask Anne-Charlotte to tell you the name of the boat her husband purchased from three Dell guys who looked like they were from the cast of Office Space.)

Actually neither of those names really describe these gems: a classic buttery shortbread crust under a luscious (no coincidence) filling of blackberry majesty topped with sweet streusel crumbles. Each one is basically an individual  dee-luxe blackberry pie, which is square-shaped and miraculouly holding itself together, and the perfect complement for Joel Fried’s fine VCSC fare. 

These delights are at the Luscisous Pastry studio, waiting for the magical hour when they will be transported to the Violet Crown Supper Club on Redlands. In order to avoid eating all or most of them herself,  Anne-Charlotte will probably have to lock herself out  today, then break a window around 4 o’clock so she can get back in and take them over to Joanna’s house.  

Y’all, they are so good. See you this afternoon!