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Holiday survival elixir

Luscious struggles painfully with Christmas, and not just because Anne-Charlotte embarrasses Jennifer by turning around every time somebody says “Ho! Ho!”   Don’t try to start an argument with Luscious about this being “the most wondeful time of the year.” We will win, here’s why:
Black Friday fistfights make the Baby Jesus cry.
– 3 out of 5 children are annually traumatized by witnessing their parents argue over how to put the lights on what becomes referred to as “the goddamned tree.”
– Every woman over the age of 26 is expected to dash around like Martha Stewart on diet pills creating a holiday wonderland at home, the office, and school until she’s ready to throw a Christmas elf down a staircase.
– You might to get spend 3 straight days with your crazy family at a time of year you’re likely to get snowed in. See who survives. Alternatively, you can call your mom and say you’re not coming to visit, for a crushing dose of holiday guilt.

In the midst of this hell, we are often at this time of year admonished not to “overindulge.”  Um, okay… if this means we’re not supposed to anxiously medicate ourselves with fudge and spiked eggnog, well, then just give Luscious a second to  put down our cocktail and grab our bible. Checking… no, nowhere in here does it specifically say that Jesus doesn’t want us celebrating his birthday with thumbprint cookies and Jack Daniels.

In fact, sometimes, when we we drink a lot Jesus talks to us, and says “go get out the butter.”   And we do. Order your holiday boxes now:

Carmelitas and Peppermint Brownies

Gift box: 4 big bars or 8 petite bars in a cutie be-ribboned gift box- $10. 
Party box:
1 dozen big bars or 24 petite bars boxed and ready for your holiday party, $24

choose from….

Chocolate Peppermint brownies
The perfect holiday treat– decadent, mint-infused  melty fudge brownies.

Buttered Oat Carmelitas
Our incredible homemade caramel make these a perpetual favorite with Luscious customers. Buttery rich caramel, chocolate, pecans, oat streusel.

Plus… Luscious Chai gift tins and jars!

Limited quantites! To order, contact us by email yummy@lusciouspastry.com