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photo by Jack Wayne Cooksey

Red, White, and Blueberry. Photo by Jack Wayne Cooksey

Yeah, it’s hot.

“How hot is it?”  Well, Luscious is gonna tell you.  Basically, it’s hot as hell. It’s so hot that the when the weather channel switches to the local Austin forecast, instead of a little sun picture, they now show a drawing of a person engulfed in flames. It’s so hot that you could get away with dressing like those trampy chicks from “Rock of Love” by blaming it on the heat. (Luscious already tried this and it worked great! Well…okay, it wasn’t Jennifer.) It’s hot enough to peel the goddamn paint off the goddamn walls. It’s definitely hot enough to get away with swear words in a blog. It’s WAY too hot to bake. Unless a person’s f**king crazy…or they’re Luscious.

After all, our favorite temperature is 350 degrees, especially when there’s butter and sugar involved. So with all this gorgeous summer fruit to be had and the Independence Day weekend coming up, Luscious figures it’s our birthright as U.S. citizens to crank up the AC and bake cobblers all damn day if we want to. And yum, we want to!  Fellow Americans, we are taking orders for star-spangled cobblers…and cookies! The details:

Luscious 4th of July cookiesThe cobblers ($14) are full-size– about 6 big servings, and the flavors, mmm… Ginger Peach or Berry-Berry-Berry.  Luscious knows that a cobbler’s best friend is homemade ice cream, so we’ve got that too: Honey-Vanilla by the pint ($5), friends. That should be enough  scrumptiousness for one week, but remember we’re crazy: we are also offering sweet star-shaped sugar cookies by the dozen ($6)– perfect nibbles for fireworks-gazing.

To order or inquire about our 4th of July cobbler, ice cream, and cookies, email us at annecharlottep@gmail.com by Tuesday, June 30th. All orders will be available for pickup from 4-6pm at Anne-Charlotte’s on July 2nd (or we can work out other arrangements– whatever it takes to get you your Luscious.)  Jeepers, we almost forgot to tell you– drop by your own 8x8ish pan for your cobbler, and we’ll knock a buck off the price. We’re environmental like that.

One last, very sincere note. Luscious Pastry is off to an amazingly successful start, and we are so, so grateful to everyone who has been supporting us by eating our goodies or reading the blog or cheering us on. Wow, we love you, too! Truly.