Just a quick post friends, probably full of typos, but there’s important news here…You know, sometimes you think you know a person, and then they totally surprise you. Take the Luscious gals for example, they know each other quite well, right? Well, this week, Jennifer really put Anne-Charlotte into shock (no, it was not the other way around this time.)  They decided to have a low-key week and just make one thing for VSCS,  so Jennifer would bake and then Anne-Charlotte would do all the other stuff they have to do AFTER they bake but that they almost always forget about until the last minute and then they panic and run around like crazy. Okay, so Anne-Charlotte was expecting Jennifer to make some elegant little delicacy, but instead Jennifer went and got TOTALLY Paula Deen on her!! She made these insane, dark chocolate-peanut butter bars with Snicker Bars IN THEM, not sprinkled on top but BAKED IN THEM and then there’s this carmelized buttery shortbread on the bottom and peanuts and everything. They’re all gooey and chocolate sweet and peanut butter salty and honestly they’re just this side of white trash. Who knew Jennifer could be so bad? This produced feelings of intense emotion in Anne-Charlotte. She:
–  wept with joy
–  snarled at a husband who meekly requested one in his lunchbox 
– came very close to having an actual heart attack when one bar almost fell on the floor  (a slow-motion, stuntwoman-like rescue was performed) 
 – felt sad when she realized that she should have just let it fall on the floor and then she’d have an excuse to eat it herself.

Then Anne-Charlotte joyfully went out and bought Jennifer a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt and a pack of Virginia Slims. Those girls are soulmates.

Luscious is calling these little wonders Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bad Girl Bars. $2 each, or 3 for $5. Available today at Violet Crown Supper Club, 4pm til they run out or  Anne-Charlotte starts dropping ’em on the floor.