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It may seem that Luscious has been a bit quiet lately, but as a matter of fact, Jennifer and Anne-Charlotte have been busy little beavers with business matters. They’ve been having grown-up meetings with people, filling out tedious paperwork for this and that, and they even got a checking account and credit card together. Jennifer said Anne-Charlotte could keep the credit card, but first Jennifer made her promise not to use it for Dolly Parton CD’s (“You have enough!”) and outfits consisting of age-inappropriately tight clothing (“You have way more than enough!”) .

The Luscious gals have also recently received their food handler and kitchen manager training and certification from the fair City of Austin. This helpful training taught, among other things, that compulsive handwashing is not necessarily a sign of a mental disaorder, but is in fact perfectly okay!  Cleanliness-conscious Luscious finds this reassuring, especially since at least one member of the Luscious team washes her hands so often that the FBI once had difficulty fingerprinting her….but let’s not go into that.

But the best part of the training, far and away, was this “What not to do in the kitchen” graphic. No humorous introduction needed, it speaks for itself.

Can you spot the trouble spots here?

Do you see anything amiss here?


Wow, is that not the best thing you’ve seen all week? You know, Luscious actually did not need to “scroll over the arrows” in the picture to note that one should not smoke while preparing food, or allow one’s pet cat, however adorable and tired, to sleep on the food prep counter. Also, probably not a good a idea to just leave that raw steak laying around. But we would like to know what’s in the chef’s pink cup.

But don’t worry, with everything going on, we still have time to bake for you.  This very weekend, Luscious Pastry will be offering our fine Pecan Pie Bars as part of the concessions for our neighborhood’s play, Rumplestilskin. That’s tomorrow, food at 4pm and play at 5pm, at the Brentwood Park Stage. Both the bars and the play will be fabulous. ALSO– do you need something toothsome to take to that Halloween party? Wouldn’t a dozen Bleeding Devil’s Food Cupcakes be just the thing? Luscious can hook you up, email us at yummy@lusciouspastry.com.