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Luscious wants you to learn from our mistakes, hence this advice: do not try to purchase your Halloween costume at Target on October 30th. Unless, that is, you enjoy listening to “White Christmas” on a 90 degree day while sadly digging through a forlorn pile of Halloween gear that’s been dumped in the corner to make room for… Christmas decorations?  Pardon our dismay, dear Target, Walmart, and Lowes, but could you let us get one toe out the door to trick-or-treat before beating us over the heads with flocked artificial trees? Did you forget that we’ve actually got another holiday first? Remember Thanksgiving??

Luscious, naturally, has not forgotten Thanksgiving, and not just because we love pie. The Luscious Pastry gals have taken stock of some of the things for which they give mucho thanks. Of course they’re thankful for all the regular stuff like their families and friends and oxygen, but here’s the interesting bits:

Jennifer is thankful for:
– Surviving junior high school
– Living in the ATX, yo!
– A smokin’ pair of green bandana wedge sandals recently purchased for $7 -SCORE! 
– Anne-Charlotte, even though she’s both a redneck AND and an uptight yuppie

Anne-Charlotte is thankful for:
– Jennifer, even though she’s both a Californian AND a yankee
– Bourbon
– the fact don’t that her parents don’t read this blog
– Tammy Wynette and George Jones, in that order 

Actually, bourbon almost didn’t make the list, because last Saturday night, one of our Luscious heroines was reminded that the amber libation can be both a friend and an enemy. But the following Sunday morning’s activity provided her with these two revelations:

If you are to awaken with the sensation that a railroad spike is being driven through your temples, and your husband for some reason suddenly decides, for the first time in 6 months, that the whole family needs to get up and go to church RIGHT NOW, well, you should just get out of that bed, put on some lip gloss, get over there and shake hands with all the elderly churchgoers, and sit quietly in the pew concentrating on the parts of your body that don’t hurt, like your toes and elbows. Because then you’ve won the unspoken argument about whether or not you should get to go out with the girls, and you have also proven what a badass you are.

2. Bourbon can’t hurt you if it’s baked into a pie. 

It’s a fact that pecans have a special affinity for the flavor of fine bourbon, and the whiskey provides a subtle counterpoint to the brown sugar that forms the base of pecan pie filling. Add a little chocolate, and that’s one Luscious pie. Consequently, we’re offering the following for Thanksgiving:
Chocolate-Infused Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie  ($21)
Gingered Pumpkin Tart, a sumptuous version of the classic ($21)
Bacon Cheddar Muffins, so good they’ll make your turkey weep with jealousy. ($12 for a big batch)

If you’d like to grace your Thanksgiving table with one or more of these fine items, place your order at yummy@lusciouspastry.com. We’ll be taking orders right up until late evening on Monday, Nov 23rd. Pick up will be Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 25, or we can arrange delivery for a teensy charge.