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Luscious mini mahogany cake

Luscious mini mahogany cake

Luscious has been cookin’ like a house afire, or maybe more like a housewife afire, but anyway, we’ve been baking a lot of bundt cake. Now this will tell you a little too much about the way Anne-Charlotte grew up, but as a young thing she thought a bundt cake was something that started with Duncan Hines cake mix, then magically (or tragically, depending on your perspective) got Jello pudding all through the middle of it, and finally, was frosted with Cool Whip.  For a deluxe treat: Lifesavers sprinkled over the top. We apologize for that troubling visual, but the point is… well we don’t exactly know what the point of telling you that was, but Anne-Charlotte got her bundt cake thinking straightened out many years ago, and classy Jennifer probably knew better all along. 

Bundt cakes can in fact be lovely, made-from scratch delicacies, which perfectly describes the Luscious mini-bundt cakes that have been showing up at some local soirees lately. Our espresso-infused dark chocolate Mahogany cakes are every bit as fabulous as Diana Ross’ outfits in the movie of the same name, and probably better, because our cakes have a meltingly delicious chocolate glaze, whereas Diana’s character in the movie had all those problems with Anthony Perkins. Also debuting recently: our mini Dr. Pepper cakes. You’re probably thinking “I can tell which one of those Luscious gals came up with this trailer park delight”,  but slow down there— our divine Dr. Pepper mini-bundts are rich and slightly spicy glazed butter cakes that have reportedly caused at least one party-goer to throw a bonafide tantrum when seconds were unavailable. Luscious likes that a lot, because we’ve been know to throw a dessert-related tantrum or two ourselves. Available in Original and Chocolate (the cakes, we mean. Well, maybe the tantrums, too.)  

This Thursday at 4pm Luscious Pastry will again be joining the Violet Crown Supper Club over on Redlands. This is a stunningly bad segue, because we won’t have our bundt cakes there (although we’ll happy fill orders for those beauties anytime). But this week Luscious had been moved to bake some classic Tres Leches Cake. Creamy, sweet, and served chilled, slices of Tres Leches make a lovely summer dessert. Also, we’re making scrumptious green-chile cheddar corn muffins. Moist with just a little green chili heat, they’re an excellent sidekick for Joel’s yummy Violet Crown comestibles. See you there!

And if we haven’t rambled on enough, just a reminder that Luscious is taking orders for Father’s Day. We’re offering pecan pie bars by the dozen or mini-mahogany cakes  in lovely gift boxes with cards. Or let us know if you have another Luscious treat in mind for your papa bear, and we’ll fix you up.