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pretty presents from Luscious

pretty presents from Luscious

Let’s be honest— father’s day is kind of a pain in the ass.  Luscious loves dads, but grown men are a notoriously difficult group for whom to purchase presents. Whereas most mamas feel like royalty on Mother’s Day if another member of the household will just fold a basket of laundry without being threatened, achieving the same effect on Father’s Day would require the gift of a Stratocaster signed by all the members of ZZ Top, a James Bond-style speed boat, or Heidi Klum. But to quote an old Yellow Rose radio ad (which is not something Luscious expected itself to do) “What else do guys like? Food.” Sorry Heidi,  delicious Luscious Pastry will be saving the day this year. And by the way, Mrs. Seal, don’t get any ideas about becoming the first Luscious spokesmodel, even if you are willing to be paid in Blackberry Crumble Bars. We’ve noted that your dress size appears to be significantly smaller than the number of children you’ve delivered, and that just makes Luscious want to cry.

But Luscious will NOT cry, because we’re pretty thrilled about making Father’s Day goodies this month. We’re offering our chocolate-glazed, espresso-infused Mahogany mini-bundts in cute gift boxes, and delectable Pecan Pie Bars by the dozen, also gift-boxed up.  And we’ll gladly  fill Father’s Day orders for other items, so if you think another Luscious treat is just the thing, or if you have something special in mind, just ask. Some might assume that Luscious Pastry is not in the same class as a cigarette boat that shoots flaming oil at pursuers, but Luscious suspects that if Miss Moneypenny had baked a Dr. Pepper Cake for 007, she could have gotten him to settle down. Email your father’s day order to  apatterson@southerncombustion.com, and we will co-ordinate delivery with you.

Also this month…. On Friday, June 13th, we will have a very limited number of Mahogany mini-bundts available, as well as a new item– Sparkling Lemon Bars. If you’d like us to reserve some for you, just email. And Violet Crown Supper Club is coming on June 18th, we’ll have some new treats…stay tuned….