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Alright, it’s pretty bad, the blog hasn’t been updated in quite a while.  Here’s all the proposed blog topics that never saw the light of day, due to too much actual baking taking up everybody’s time:

why? why? why????

– The Olsen twins, and why they dress so badly. Seriously, what is the point of being the wealthiest elves in the world if you wear clothes that look like they came straight off the Dillard’s clearance rack in 1988?

– The Luscious blog stats which report that some individuals have inadvertently been lead to the site by using keywords like “Jungle Room Decor”, “Kitchen Safety”, and “Hot Chicks.” The hot chick guy must have felt pretty let down, unless he also likes pictures of Dr. Pepper Cake.

– The $40 “Crack Pie” sold by Momofuku in New York, and their biggest fan, Anderson Cooper, who would probably pay $50 if it had a shiny surface in which he could see his own reflection.

– What a crummy reality show Luscious Pastry would make, because nobody gets in screaming arguments or makes out with Bret Michaels in a hot tub. Eewww, Bret Michaels and baking do not go together.

Sarah Palin, but there was just too much material and Jennifer started to hyperventilate.

Dolly Parton and how she totally kicks ass and is the Tennessee Whisky Pecan Pie Bar of the country music world, but Anne-Charlotte kept watching the “I will always love you” video over and over again while dabbing away tears, and ran out of time to blog.

There was also some discussion of blogging about food and baking. Well, actually, no there wasn’t, because everybody already knows about the super deliciousness being concocted weekly by our Luscious heroines. Besides, you can’t eat a blog.